Book Review: Chasing God by Roger Huang – ‘God can use anyone,even a mom’

There are literature that move us,this phenomenal book truly changed my perception on many a things.
This is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read,Real people ,Real struggles.No sugar coating.
Theres not a line you’d skip,and there’s no way you can keep this book down after you’ve finished Chapter 1.
The heart of this book is servitude and wholly leaning on god in prayer and trust.
Its about living a full life.
In the past Missions are always some thing that I tend to shy away from.
God like us parents, is so intentional in the way he mentors us.I just found this by random because it was free of cost .As I kept delving into this book I found so many similarities between the author and myself.One of the biggest challenge for people from broken past is this “They always tend to gravitate towards stability ,financial stability in particular”.They strive to make a name or a place of security.So it isn’t always easy for them let go of control. Roger is a man from a broken home physically and verbally abused by his father with an urge to prove himself for the better when his family migrated from Taipei,Taiwan to the Americas.He gave up his life of stability to serve the homeless and downtrodden in the streets of SFO(Tenderloin district).
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Half way through the book the question that rose inside me was ‘Lord,what could I do,just a simple stay at home mom?’
Little did I realize god had the answer coming in the following Chapters.Roger Huang found himself in a financial situation in need of a building.The major portion of the building fund was raised by a stay at home mom.
A new believer, she was drawn in by our story, so she ran a marathon to raise money for us. During my visit to Community Presbyterian Church, she came to me with a baggy full of money in hand. Her blonde hair was swept into a ponytail, and she had a wistful smile on her face. “I tried to run the full marathon, but I couldn’t make it. Here is the money I raised. I want to do everything I can to help.” I was touched by her sincerity. The baggy of both bills and coins was heavy in my palm. “Thanks so much, Laura. Every bit counts.” It was in these small moments, with these unique people, that a connection to this church was born. Our lives became interwoven with this church across the bay, but we didn’t yet realize it. God was laying a framework of people and hope and relationship that He would build upon in the coming years. I shake my head and keep pacing the floor. Surely the answer to the huge problem we have with this broken-down building is not a stay-at-home mom in Danville. Or is it? Of all the people I have known throughout the years and who have supported this ministry, Laura is the one who keeps coming to mind.
So he called her up
“Yes! Let me see what I can do.” I am amazed at her response. There is sweat beading on my forehead. I know Maite is praying for me in the other room. “I’m sorry to ask you to do such a huge thing. I know this is an enormous task for anyone to do.” “Pastor Roger, God will do this! I know it.” Instead of backing away from my request, I can hear her excitement building over the phone. “Let me make a few calls. Don’t worry. God can do anything!”
Later she told me she had been in the supermarket deliberating between brands of hot dogs, trying to save a few dollars. But she still manages to help me exhale the anxiety that has been building in my chest in a long, slow breath. Her response is like a fresh breeze blowing away the darkness of the day.
The outpouring of love and funds on this night is overwhelming. Over $80,000 is raised for our school in one night. I put my head in my hands as relief rolls over me in waves. Nothing like this has ever been done for us before. A chain of events is set in motion on this night that will change the course of our lives.
Some Favorite Quotes:
“The path that God has set me on is not always clear. But I know that if I chase Him, if I spend time praying and laying down my desires before Him, He never fails me.”
Nothing ever comes easy in the Tenderloin. It is just the way it is. We fast. We pray. We wait on God. And in His timing, in His graciousness, He moves on our behalf.
A Touching incident:
Delivering hot meals and bags of groceries to the residents in our community is one of the most profound ways we share the love of Jesus in our center. It is hard to talk about God’s love and faithfulness when the one you are talking to can’t hear over the growling of their hungry belly. A loaf of bread and a can of soup can have immense effect on softening the scarred hearts of those who need to hear about Jesus. One time when Teacher Laura was delivering groceries, the lady she gave them to burst into tears. Laura asked her why she was crying. Opening the bag for Laura to see, she said, “How did you know it was my son’s birthday today?” Tucked into the corner of the bag were a birthday cake mix and a container of icing. “I didn’t,” Laura said. But obviously God did.
The God we are chasing after loves us so much He provides cake mix for birthday celebrations.

I can never ever stop being amazed by the love of God. 🙂 .

My biggest learning from this book was serving together as a family with our children.Roger Huang ,his wife and children serve together at sfcity impact,what a great testimony.The children started out young,but now hold key positions in their organization,to me this is the fruit of parenting.That our children love the lord and their neighbors.

Moms ,We can be great for god where ever we are!
It doesn’t matter where you are,god will and can use you.
Not all of us can run Marathons,not all of us are hostesses.
But what we can do ,is use what we have for his glory.
And all we need is to have a listening ear.
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