Pom Pom Fun — Toddler Busy Bag

15 Months:

1.Stuff the Pom Pom:
I used a to go container and drilled a single hole on top of it.My little one loves this activity,it can keep him quiet busy.This develops fine motor skills and the pincer grip.I usually supervise him as he tends put it into his mouth.

2.Counting/Color Sorting Pompoms:
I got these cute containers at dollar store.I stuffed them with a single color.When my son opens it,they tend to pop out falling all over the place and I cry surprise .Then I tell him the name of the color.We count them as he stuffs them back into the container.

For older toddler.You can place single ball,2 balls,3 balls respectively in the containers and mark the containers with the respective number.This could be used to teach numbers.