Preconceived Notions

Preconceived Notions Have you ever felt this walking into a new project making comparisons with old familiar environments. Human nature. I m right now in between seasons of change,honestly I don’t feel all that confident.I’ve been comparing the present and constantly grumbling on how the future would not be as great as the present.Talk about Pessimism The Israelites were extremely

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Dissatisfaction Guaranteed:The Comparison trap

As Christians we fall prey to ‘The What about him/her Question’? What happens when aligning yourself to god’s will you are downsized? You are aware that everything works out according to his good purpose, And then you see your neighbor waltz past the same situation and do it differently. Downsized? Definitely not! And you wonder,why can’t it have been the same for me..Human reactions come to

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