Book Review: SCIENCE:INDIA -FIELD GUIDES – BUTTERFLIES , TREES AND SHRUBS – Peter Smetacek, Pradeep Sachdeva

Recommended: Family Click Here to Watch the Video These Field guides are affordable and worth having handy . A Naturalist’s Guide to the Butterflies of India by Peter Smetacek Since we have a lot of butterfly where we live we thought this would be a good addition .A Gorgeous Book to help identify butterflies. Great information and beautiful pictures .

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Book Review:Childrens Literature: Tales from India edited by Jospeh Jacobs

Recommended : Middle Schoolers and above Stories compiled for a western audience while could still be nostalgic to an Indian.This is compilation from ancient Indian texts like Jatakas , Panchatantra and other fables.A collection of 25 storiesThe stories of talking animals and supernatural adventures are very much Indian in style.The most famliar of all is the talkative tortoise . Watch the

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