Book Review: SCIENCE:INDIA -FIELD GUIDES – BUTTERFLIES , TREES AND SHRUBS – Peter Smetacek, Pradeep Sachdeva

Recommended: Family Click Here to Watch the Video These Field guides are affordable and worth having handy . A Naturalist’s Guide to the Butterflies of India by Peter Smetacek Since we have a lot of butterfly where we live we thought this would be a good addition .A Gorgeous Book to help identify butterflies. Great information and beautiful pictures .

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Book Review:Childrens Literature: Tales from India edited by Jospeh Jacobs

Recommended : Middle Schoolers and above Stories compiled for a western audience while could still be nostalgic to an Indian.This is compilation from ancient Indian texts like Jatakas , Panchatantra and other fables.A collection of 25 storiesThe stories of talking animals and supernatural adventures are very much Indian in style.The most famliar of all is the talkative tortoise . Watch the

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Living Homeschool History(India):Book Review: A Brush with Indian ART by Mamta Nainy

Recommended age: 8 years and up An interesting book to understand Indian art and the history behind the art.A great book for both adults and children.Contains maps and information on museums where one can find the art of particular era and dynasty. Begins with the cave paintings in Madhya Pradesh to the European style paintings during British era.It contains beautiful

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