Book Review: Literature: Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

Click Here to watch Review Recommended: Adults A good book to familiarize with 19th century America it’s social classes and their thought process. The story details the life of Newland Archer and his wife May Welland and her cousin Countess Ellen Olenska, yet another cousin bringing trouble 🤦‍♂  . The dangers of opposite sex friendships. But inverts the story of

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Book review: English Literature: An Old Fashioned girl by Louisa May Alcott

Watch Review Recommended :  High school, Young Adults, Adults Louisa May Alcott is currently my very favorite author. Her writing tells compelling stories with hidden gems of wisdom. As a parent I prize character training highly and Louisa May Alcott books does that with an engrossing plot. A sweet story about an old fashioned girl Polly Milton  who prizes old

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