Book review: The Lord of the Rings 3:The Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolkien

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Recommended Age : High school and above.

We see the allies move forward  to form a front. King Theoden with his army comes to join King Denothor of Gondor. We see the sad unraveling of Denethor . The kingdoms stand together against Sauron and his huge force, Aragorn and the rangers ride out to recruit for their battalion. We see resolute wills to do what is right no matter what the cost or what the outcome. While Frodo journeys with the ring towards it’s destiny which is a very unlikely place and with a very unlikely guide.

We see the outcome of the battle and see the final endings of many of our well loved characters and their destinies.

I love this book in many aspects as it culminates to the biggest moments of virtues. And resolution ,the mortality and finiteness of life.  A memorable book and a fitting end to an incredible journey.

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