Book Review: Literature: Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

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Recommended: Adults

A good book to familiarize with 19th century America it’s social classes and their thought process.

The story details the life of Newland Archer and his wife May Welland and her cousin Countess Ellen Olenska, yet another cousin bringing trouble 🤦‍♂  . The dangers of opposite sex friendships.

But inverts the story of Ethan Frome and moves into responsibility and respectability.

A story From the perspective of an older adult ,it is one that would be totally understandable . When we are young everything is pretty much hotheadedness but as one ages it only leaves with a lot of awkward moments and regrets . Wisdom is not always on the side of youth. When we are young it really is “wanting to do anything anyone wants” but reality is always very very far from truth. There are sadly many things success and money cannot buy PEACE, CONSCIENCE, GOOD NAME, RELATIONSHIPS. The ” I don’t care” is a facade as we do care what people think . And wrong actions bring with them  depression.

Reading books like these will help the young adults to think .Discussions on books like these will help them take wise decisions , as a parent we may not always be with them.

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