August Update – 2015

I thank you my friend for entrusting your confidence in me and following the ve probably seen a ton of changes to this site this past year with the frequency of posts decreasing.2015 has truly been a challenging year for me with a relocation ,pregnancy and even to point to close down this site.

With my due date getting closer.I have become time crunched and am still sorting out posts.
The next few month are going to be slow for me as a mom and us as a family,as we welcome our newest member.During this absent period,I have lined up some posts that might interest you.
Please bear with me in the this new phase of life.

Here’s a few posts I really found encouraging .I hope it brings you hope just as it did for me.

As a stay at home mom,I love the positive attitude these moms exhibit.In a world were we are mostly surrounded by constant cribbing and negative talks.Its sad to see how many stay at home mom have garbed themselves with this negative attitude.I find such inspiration and courage hearing from these positive ladies.

“Caring for children isn’t a problem to be solved, but a responsibility to uphold and a privilege to enjoy. Children are not tasks to be performed. They are people to be loved. Children are not items to be checked off, but individuals to be nurtured with tenderness, patience, and care.

Does this loving and nurturing come at a cost? Absolutely. But it also comes with great and lasting benefits, not only to yourself, but to your children. This is a point to be remembered when raising children: It’s not all about you! It’s not about what you get out of it. It’s not about your success. It’s not about your self-esteem. It’s not about your material achievements. It’s about serving, loving, and doing for others. It’s about storing up treasures that can never fade. And you know what? When you focus on others and truly love them more than yourself, you get those very things you thought you’d lost—confidence, security, respect, and peace. No regrets. “- Denise C. McAllister

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Encouragement 2