Reinventing Yourself

2015 made me a not so confident person.

All my big plans seemed like a target hard to acquire .
Especially as my routines changed,with many sick days to a toddler who stayed home all day.
I was exhausted!
Tired and Sick,I had to concentrate on making a useful day for my toddler.
I couldn’t just afford to turn him loose .
You could imagine my inspiration and the time I had to run the site.
There were days I wondered how this site would run.

God had to teach me to accept my season in life.
It was a learning that I couldn’t push my health or sons education at the cost of running this site.
I ve learnt to let go of things .So I can concentrate on a few and give it my best.
I ve learnt to trust god to organize and help run this site.
I ve learnt to not regret on the things I no longer do.

Although the year was not one I planned, the lord changed it into a year of unexpected learning.
It was a year where I could concentrate on homeschooling my little boy.Get creative revamp myself revamp my goals.

To my friend who is in their season out of sorts,don’t give up on your god given dream.
Its just time to revamp yourself,a time to recreate who you are.
A time to push all boundaries of who you are.
The Lord will direct and guide you in this new phase,all you need be is “Be still and trust his direction”

Ecc 3:1
To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven

Reinventing Yourself