The Easy Way Out! Parenting Options!

During a difficult parenting phase in my life I went ahead to consult a few friends on how to handle this particular situation.
Some of the their helpful counsel was to delegate my responsibility elsewhere,why I should even be struggling with it.If I could conveniently push it elsewhere.

I have to say I was very very very tempted to go with this counsel.Being a stay at home parent,it is truly a long hours job,the day never seem to end.How great would it be to not go through this phase,if i could pass it over.

But I felt no peace of mind with this way of thinking.

We live in an instant gratification world.
We want things done immediately.
We don’t want to stand in the line.
We like to have an easy way.
We prefer the quick elevator to the hard work of climbing stairs.

And we take this route also often into our parenting.
Can we delegate our parenting responsibilities elsewhere,let the school handle their academic needs,let the church take care of their spiritual needs.

Now I m not saying that children should not be sent to school or to church to learn!

The question remains,We must question our motives!

Are we doing this so our children can acquire more knowledge or are we doing it so we could convienently get out of our responsibility,or more free time,more mom/dad time.


Yes God looks at our motives!

Often we hear these!I cant wait for school to reopen,I can send them off there!Even two months of holidays seem so painful.It is sad to see how we view our children.

Nothing in life is easy,school is hard,college is hard,getting a job is hard,getting a promotion is hard,we can’t expect an easy pass on parenting!

I came across these interesting and very powerful quotes:

Don't expect the church or Christian School to do your parenting for you.I have said this for years--The Church cannot resurrect,what the home puts to death- - Chuck Swindol

Escapism and Compromises ,like lies, can lead only to more escapades and compromises
We cant let them hinder us from being the best parent we were created to be.

Blue Mountains


The Easy Way Out! Parenting Options!