Guilt is good!

There seems to be a message thats been doing rounds in our times.That there’s nothing to be guilty about and everything will be fine.I feel the need to disagree with this popular message.

Guilt is good.Its the orange warning light that signals the beginning of something thats not right.

Some time back uneasy with guilt as I felt some of my disciplinary measures being a little off. I took time in writing out the situation and what happened,it helped me to have a clearer vision and a cooler head.I was able to make changes to some of my methods.

If we take our time to analyse the orange light instead of sweeping it right under the rug.We can avoid many unsavory outcomes.The orange guilt light gives us the chance to change it to green for a better life.

Example – If you are feeling guilty that your child is watching too much TV, there is a high chance that they are.
Instead of beating ourselves down and berating ourselves as bad mothers.This would be a good time to get them involved outdoors or to use time constructively.

Healthy guilt helps us to analyze the situation and resolve it.

Don’t let guilt to drive you to negativity but turn it around into a positive learning and change your life for better

Don’t slump down momma,raise up to your challenges and meet them right in the eye.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Phil 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.