Rainbow Rice Fun:Toddler Busy Bag

17 months:

Found this idea a longtime ago but was extremely lazy to do it.I finally put my self to task and realized ,wow now that was easy ,why did I wait.

4 cups of rice
Food coloring
1/4 cup water


I separated one cup of rice into 4 ziploc bags.Add 3 drops of food coloring probably 2 drops of water(The lesser you use the better).Gave it to my toddler to squish it,which he did with enthusiasm :).Then we put them on baking sheets and let them to dry in the sun for an hour.

Dumped them in a box with different sized spoons and set it on the porch on a plastic mat(easier to clean up).However this held my toddler’s attention for a very short period. We’ll probably try this again a little later.I also think this is a good idea for older toddlers 17+ as I felt my son wasnt very interested in putting it into his mouth.