Memories on the Empty Porch

 This Summer I’ve been very interested in container gardening.So I got all prepped up,read many articles on them.And I got my first plant,soil,shovel,watering can!So you get it,all excitement!

And then all my big plans came crashing.
Because the most important thing for my plant to grow was amiss.Any guesses.
Sunlight!My house is constructed as such that only light floods through my small kitchen which is constantly frequented by Dash who loves to plunge his hands into the plants soil.So my dear plant had to move to the porch.Unfortunately it did not survive my not so sunny porch.
I have never been more disappointed.
Despite the disappointment, the summer still made it a memorable porch.
Because it doesn’t get hit by direct sunlight,my son and I spent many of our afternoons painting or playing or did water activities.Its our little retreat,my little gets to run in circles and we get to watch the cars driving past our house.

Today my porch is empty.But It will always remind me all the fun and memories made in this empty porch with my son.
Our Empty Porches are blessings in themselves !Even though they may not turn out the exact way we pictured them to be.
Do you have an area in your life which is an empty porch?Ask god to help you find a blessing in them!