Saying Yes to Messy Hair,Dirty Clothes and Oily Face

I know ,I know,What a Title right?

Obviously our kids  from time to time ,end up with one of these three or all of these three.
but what about us Moms??
Would you ‘Say Yes to Messy Hair,Dirty Clothes and Oily Face’ ?
This summer we were at the beach ,this was my little ones first time to the big blue.
He was absolutely excited.
For the most part I’m a clean and control freak.
I prefer my clothes not dripping or sandy,my hair neat and face not oily,so I can have some great pictures for that matter ;).
This time however I went with the flow and got on my knees,down in the sand and murky beach.Wind blowing my hair  into a wild mess.My son weaving his extremely muddy hands into my hair.After this pretty wild day,all of us Muddy and dripping sat on our car seat.For a minute I could reminisce ,my childhood with my parents,when my brother and I were excited to head to the beach.We would be all ready from 8.30 in the morning,never cared about the heat.The wild abandon of childhood sets upon me. The time when I never cared about how I looked,Messy or not,Fat or skinny.It was all about enjoying the beautiful day.
When did our appearance start taking an upper hand  and stopped us from enjoying what right in front of us?
This was a eye opening beach experience for me.Wish I hadn’t wasted all those years away being so conscious.

Thankful to god for Motherhood which gives us a second chance into childhood 🙂

So from this summer on  I m saying ‘ Yes to Messy Hair,Dirty Clothes and Oily Face’ and another big ‘Yes to making a lifetime of Memories’.