Insect craft

We did this for the weird animals VBS.I selected a craft Dash could also be a part of.

One of the best activities for younger toddlers is anything involving gluing.
Color Paper for the insect body(Green)
Cardboard(I used from a cereal box,I love hoarding these,they always come in handy)
Small bits of color paper(they don’t have to be perfect circles)
3 Pipe Cleaner(I used yellow and orange)
Googly Eyes
1.Punch 3 holes on the left side,punch 3 holes on the right side for the pipe cleaner legs
2.Stick contrasting paper dots on the back of the insect.
3.Add the Googly eyes 
I got him to help me with the dots and the eyes 🙂
Your insect is done!

                                                     COMPLETED CRAFT:
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