This Mom’s Survival Guide to being a SAHM

When I first started out as a mom I was still employed.
For working professionals the first few months are chaos.
You’re always used to routine.Getting up going to work ,everything has a schedule.
When you become a stay at home mom.The amount of time left in your hand overwhelms you.
Being a Stay at home mom makes you an Organizer,manager and worker.
Juggling all the balls and keeping them in the air does take a toll.
I wont even lie to you by telling all of mine are in the air.
But never worry busy mom,grace will always come through.

So what worked for me:
1.First things First – Quiet Time with God:
A warrior does not go to battle without an Armour.
Its the same for mom,a mom without her quiet time with god is looking for a long day.
I’ve seen this time and again,the days I’ve skipped my quiet time,my whole day is thrown into chaos.It takes me a minute to remember .I’ve forgotten my Armour 🙂
New Moms: These are great quick devotionals for your busy days :Devotions for new moms – Ruth Tuttle Conrad, Meditations for New Moms – Sandra Drescher Lehman

2.A healthy mind is a product of a healthy body:
Before my son,I had zero fitness sense.
Pregnancy and childbirth fuels the need for fitness.
I wont say I m a fitness enthusiastic ,I try.
Use Nap times,there will always be interrupted days,but don’t give up,keep pushing.

3.Set goals:
We are our own manager and appraiser,so we set our own targets.

I will workout these many times this year.
I will complete this task which I’ve procrastinated this year.

At the end of all the ‘I wills’ add through grace.
Buy self development books,Invest in yourself and hone your talents.

4.Being Organized:
I know some of us may be free style while others organized.For me being organized saves my sanity.
I Found this book ‘The Good Wife’s Guide: Embracing Your Role as a Help Meet ‘by Darlene Schacht and Candace Cameron Bure.
I m not a clean freak,but this book was great eye opener,about getting the house and myself organized and to learn scheduling.
When my son was still an infant and I was feeding.I learnt to schedule my chores.
So I wouldn’t get overwhelmed with a single day of household chores.
Eg.friday laundry day

Monday living room and dinning room clean up.
Also with little children be ready to reorganize yourself,my schedule has changed every 2-3 months with every milestone my son reached.
If you aren’t able to keep up with your schedule,don’t freak out,we didn’t learn to ride a bicycle in a day,so it is with everything.Give yourself grace sweet moms.Its okay,One day at a time towards success.

5.Stay connected with other stay at home moms for encouragement.
I will be honest in admitting the first few days ,you do miss your coffee buddies at work,you miss adult connections.For the most part I’m an introverted person,I always had one close friend and was a part of a smaller circle. I did despair if I’d ever make a connection.Never worry mom,grace will come through.
Being a SAHM has opened out doors,I’ve made friends with people cross culturally,or people I’ve only said hi previously. You make friends at the play ground with the mom you’ve never known,as you both run behind your toddlers. You learn from your mom friends mommy essentials(a band aid),another catches your child as he throws himself in the air.Older Mom friends that are great encouragers and go to advisors.And you realize how blessed you are.
Every mom you meet could be a potential friend,so go ahead and take the first step in extending your hand.This was one of the soundest advice I ever received ‘Be the friend you want to have’ and go with the flow.

6.Stay active in church:
Being a part of church activities and serving where you can always gives a sense of fulfillment.
Obviously with young children,we may not be able to serve as much as we’d like to,its important to realize ,we have bigger calling to mother our children first.And they will be little only for a little while now,sooner than we realize,time will fly and they’d be alongside us serving 🙂

7.Being Ready:
The best way to be prepared for the day is by being ready.
I love to be ready first thing in the morning,an early shower,out of my night clothes and a filling breakfast.
Night clothes tend to make me lazy,sluggish and there goes my day down the drain.
Being early helps me to get some work done,I definitely don’t work good after dark ;).
If you’re the night owl,do not despair my friend,we all work best where we shine best 🙂
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