7 Easy Service Opportunity Ideas for Busy/Young Moms

Being a mom to a young child,honestly,I don’t really get to do all the things I want to do.But I want to start by doing little things.Young mom,today, we want to do what is right now entrusted to us,to mother.I know the day will come when we can give our full energy to serving,until then,one baby step a time,one small act of charity a time.


I want to encourage you to do what you can do.
Although we are required to do good deeds all year round and not just around Christmas.Christmas would be a great place to start.


1.Meal Ministry:

Make a meal for a family with a sick family member.You can prepare a dish at home at your convenient time and drop them off at their place.


2.Send words of encouragement:
Sms or facebook message a bible verse for a family member or a friend going through a tough circumstance in life.Easy all you need is your phone.


3.Pray for those in need:
Pray when someone shares a need.You might be the only one praying and your prayers will shield that family in need.Pray for a single person or a need for 10 days.


4.Reach out to people around you:
Financially for those unable to afford their children’s education.It could be a relative or someone that works under you.


5.Bake some cookies for the neighbors and elderly:
We live in this fast world we hardly know our neighbors.
So bake some homemade goodies and knock door to door with a tugging toddler.
Seriously who could refuse this gift esp when a cute toddler is involved.


6.Write the old fashioned note:
Nothing speaks care than a thoughtful handwritten note.Although I must admit I slack in this department,but this something I’d like to get proactive about.


7.Volunteer at church  as a couple or taking turns:
Volunteer at any activity as a couple or as a family.For families with young children like ours ,it isn’t possible to volunteer together.So take turns.At our home, my husband does a day where he volunteers while I watch our little one and vice versa.


What other service opportunities can we do?Don’t forget to drop in comments!