10 steps to Relocate hassle free

Thanks to my husband’s preparations we were able to relocate with less stress from the us to India.So I thought i d make a compilation of how we went about it.

1.Plan plan ahead – planning always saves you money, time and energy.

2.Identify the things that are a must ,those things you can’t live without.

3.Be willingly to let go of the mediocre.It is human to cling to things just for sentimental reasons,even though we no longer use them.

4.Plan on items to sell.Once you ve figured your must have ,identify the things you can make profit out of.

5.Plan on items to donate.You know the ones that are a bit worn out.The ones that probably didn’t sell out after a few weeks.

6.If you have children keep their stuff handy.It is truly a mess if you ‘ll have to rummage through all the boxes if you misplace the children’s stuff.

7.Start boxing those things ,if you hardly use them.You know those stuff that lay around the room,because you thought they’d still be needed till the end.

8.Start buying food the last 3 to 4 days and use throw able plates.Save your energy and make life easy for yourself.

9.Clean up every now and then do not wait until the last day to it entirely.

10.Best order to start packing would be, to start at – the storage.guest bedroom.shelves .bathroom.living room.bedroom and kitchen