Sturdy teaching books for toddlers – India

I love to see the jaw dropping affordable prices of great books in India.
And the spread that is available for parents to teach our young Children is plainly awesome.

Level 1:
Sterling Publications Series of Vegetables and Fruits,Animals and birds Etc.-Is a great pick for smaller toddlers as it has prob 10 vegetables and 10 fruits.Same with birds and animals 10 in each.Great starter kit to teach young children.Great to put them in handbags and diaper bags.So handy.You can find them at big bazar.Sturdy board books for young hands.Starting at 40 INR.


Level 2:
Apple Books My first board Book Series is a child safe and made from food grade materials.Although I havent found them in most book stores.This is a great big board with beautiful pictures.Not crowded with information and contains all the basics.Starting at 110 INR


Level 3:
DreamLands My Charming Board Book Series caters to older toddlers and the 3 ‘s with a huge collection of a single concept.A book full of Fruits or a book full of Vegetables.Personally I find this book as overwhelming because it is filled with a lot of information.I believe it could drive a younger child to distraction.


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