Easter Craft – Egg Creatures – Chicken

I Know I m posting this real late.But we got around making it this Friday.My little boy had so much fun making this craft.He was so excited when the bird came together.He didnt want to stop making the little birds.This was one truly enjoyable easter craft.

Easter to me is about new beginnings thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have a chance and hope towards future.His Sacrifice to win us sinful beings for God.

We chose to make the Chicken to Symbolize this New beginning/New Life – of Hope and Thankfulness.

Eggs(I used 3)
2 cups of warm water
2 tsp Vinegar
Food Coloring(as needed)
Googly Eyes
Yellow Felt  (For Birds Wings)
Red Foam  cut into Diamond shape(For Birds Beak)
4 – Some Brown Paper  – Rectangular shape
Circular Cardboard


1.Using a craft Knife make a hole in the bottom of the egg to empty its contents.I also used a scissor to break the yolk inside.
2.To Make the Dye(You can half this recipe for 2 eggs):In a Jar add warm water, vinegar and food coloring and mix well.Add the eggs and immerse them in water using paper cups.Allow to soak for 5 mins for light colors and 10 mins for darker colors.
Allow to completely dry before you start working on it.I allowed it to dry for 2 full days.
3.Little and I glued the eyes beak and the feathers.
4.To Make the Nest – Twist the Brown Paper to make a loop and glued them to the circular cardboard.