Having a baby – 15 things you wish someone told you!

I wish someone had told me these earlier,i hope this list would help another new mom in her journey.So heres mine!Happy parenting!

  1. As scary as sleepless nights seem, in a week it becomes routine.

  2. Newborns are low maintenance compared to the older children you have.

  3. Breastfeeding is ammunition and the best immunity ever.Kids who are not sick are a blessing in those exhaustive days

  4. Poop 101- Breastfed babies poop is less stinkier than formula fed babies poop.

  5. Breast feeding 101- The more you feed the more you produce.

  6. Breast feeding 101- Frequent feedings ?Feeling like you aren’t producing enough ? Its the babies way to increasing supply.Keep feeding .Cluster feedings usually happens around milestone months.

  7. Breast feeding 101- Latching is a technique to be learnt which could save you from a lot of soreness.

  8. Cloth diapering is pain in the a*.but it saves you cash and the hassel of diaper rash for sensitive skinned babies.

  9. Non scented creams lotions cleansers wipes are all best friends of baby’s skin.

  10. Most family and friends usually buy clothes that are 3 months and older.so stockup on newborn clothes as that would be needed to have well dressed baby in the first month of life.

  11. Traveling with a baby – be well prepared on ahead. lists are great way to remember to pack everything.

  12. Weaning 101- As much as you looked forward to weaning,weaning can be a very emotional phase.Because you feel the sense of bereavement as you separate as independents.

  13. An infants temperature is taken rectally.

  14. Breast pads and breastfeeding butter are new Mommy’s best friend.

  15. Breast friend and other support pillows are great beginner tools to ease the first time mom into breastfeeding.second time around nurse like a pro multi tasking.