3 Mustn’t Miss Indian Publisher Reading Series – Toddler/Preschooler

Bringing today some of our favorites books for the 2s and 3s.
They are so toddler and preschool friendly.
Having A sentence or two at the most.

The stories are so toddler centric like – instruction on road safety,playing with fire,taking turns etc.

And not to say they are easy on the wallet.

Bubbles the monkey –
My mom got us these awesome books and we fell in love them.

Here are a few of our absolute favorites bubbles goes to school i think this is a great one to help young ones to understand and ease them into school and bubbles gets lost on the importance of staying close mama and papa.and the most important bubbles plays fire a good one to help our youngsters learn caution.

Pepper the dog – here are our favorites pepper learns to take turns to teach young children to share.Pepper crosses the road teaches on road safety.

Lady bird first reader – although the story is too crisp I loved that it has a preview page on who the characters are and it has comprehension question at the end of the books.Our favorites were 3billy goats,Goldilocks and the three bears and the little red hen.

Bubbles and pepper series are affordable at 50inr per book.For Lady bird series its good to keep lookout at libraries and online deals.