New School Year Blessings!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted for the past 2 weeks.My poor laptop unfortunately got into a small water accident thanks to mommy dear.Sheesh, You’d think it would have been done by my youngsters.Clumsy me days.So I didnt have time to make a nice poster for this post.Skipping ahead to something that has been weighing on my heart.

Every new school year is tough for both  parent and child.

A parent is more anxious on every small worry from how their child is going to move past separation anxiety to stranger fitting in at making new doing well that academic year.

For some to  even greater concerns of not getting pink slips.

For us its a new school for our preschooler,its the tough first week of hearing our child cry as we wait outside his classroom.

So If you’re the anxious parent or not the anxious parent .Here’s a short prayer for the new school year.

Lord  we ask your blessings for our children as they start this new school year.we pray for the teachers.we pray you fill them with your wisdom and strength to guide our young ones. We pray for health and protection.We pray that you will keep them safe as they go out and come in.We ask that you bless their young minds to easily understand and learn everything that is taught.In Jesus name.Amen.