3 Fun Bottle Activities

My youngest son has been very intrigued by bottles and he was the inspiration to make these.
Simple and fun ideas that keeep children engaged.

Glue gun to seal your bottle
Pompoms,beads,little toys
Grains or beans

Baby Rattle:
Fun rattle which can be made with different grains or beans.
Fill the bottle with grains and use glue gun to seal the bottle.

Sensory bottle:
Young babies are always fascinated by liquids.
My son was too eager to get his hands on my water bottle and
hence it inspired me to make him a sensory bottle.
This kept him occupied and engaged for sometime.
Fill the bottle with anything you like and use glue gun to seal the bottle.
I used pompoms,googly eyes,pony beads and glitter.

I spy Bottle:
Visiting my parents requires a really long drive.
This idea has been a great life saver .
We find the alphabets and colors as we go.
Fun bottle filled with rice having magnetic alphabets, colorful pompoms beads and little toys.