Sample Lesson Plans and Schedule for 2’s and 3’s

This is a sample idea for how you can plan lessons.

How you can go about it:An example

Week 1 – Colors
Week 2 – Shapes
Week 3 – Fruits
Week 4 – Veggies
Week 5 – Animals – Wild ,Domestic
Week 6 – Sea animals and Birds
Week 7 – Alphabets – Upper,Lower
Week 8 – Numbers 1-10
Week 9 – Parts of the Body
Week 10 – Actions and Emotions,
Week 11 – Textures,Opposites
Week 12 – Vehicles
Week 13 – Sequencing,Ordering,Grouping

Eg.You can split the week you can focus on just 5 colours one week and another 5 colours another week.

You can use flash crads and little board books.

I m particularly fond of flash cards because they give singular focus
than a book which sometimes has too much going on.
We use apple tree flash cards which are 99INR.

Hands on learning:
Using puzzles or toys.

There are variety of hands on learning games and activity in the site which you can use make by yourself and enjoy with your little one.Click on the educational tab to get the full list of activities.

An example of Everyday events:
Teaching a nursery rhyme
Reading a story on the weeks theme or any
Flash cards or board games on the theme 5 mins per day
Hands on games on the theme.- veggies and fruit box game
Coloring – 2 sheets themed a vegetable.
Pattern Writing holding hands – 1 Sheet(very very optional)
Using crafts or art to integrate the theme.
Action Verbs games.

Additional For Christian Families:
Bible Verse – 1 per month (more depending on your child)

Click here to get a readily available verse list.

Bible Story – Night time
3 Songs – 2 Gospel songs 1 nursery rhyme

Click here for List of 35 songs.

For Full details on what to teach Click here.