Teaching Concepts for Preschool:Catering to 2’s and 3’s

Lately I ve seen many questions from parents who are wondering on what to teach their little one next.So I thought I’d do a write up of what we did for Dash.
This is just a comprehensive list to give an idea of all that can be taught for this age group.There is no mandatory or any hard and fast rule everything has to be taught.Please use at your discretion.

3.Animals – Wild, Domestic and aquatic
9.Numbers 1-10
10.Parts of the Body.
12.Emotions (List is below)
13.opposites (List is below)
14.textures (List is below)
15.grouping – shapes etc
16.ordering – big to small
17.sequencing or patterns

Try Coloring within the borders.
Pattern writing holding hands.(Draw a Line) very very optional

Follow Actions:
Action Verbs -Clap,Stomp Jump ,Hop,Etc
Ask your little to do the action.you can make it into a game.
You can Chant Jump,Jump,Stop.

Opposites –

1. Big Small
2. Long Short
3. Tall short
4. up down
5. day night
6. laugh cry
7. stand sit
8. fat thin
9. straight curve
10. few many
11. over under
12. in out
13. top bottom
14. push pull
15. hot cold

Textures –

1. Smooth
2. Rough
3. Fluffy
4. Feathers
5. Soft
6. Silky
7. Glittery
8. Bumpy
9. Hard
10. Sponge

Emotions –

1. Happy
2. Sad
3. Confused
4. Shocked
5. Laughing
6. Glum
7. Crying

For How to lesson plan and sample schedule Click Here.