3 Fun Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

With the rainy season fast approaching I3 Fun thought this post would help the moms and dads who are cooped in with their kids at home.

Paper Finger Puppets:
My sons love for horses inspired me to make these .
We sing these songs.

Learning descending:
5 horses running in a field,running in a field
one fell down and hurt his leg
oh no.
And now theres Four.(Keep counting down till none)

Learning ascending:
1 horse running in a field,running in a field
He met his friend
And now theres Two.(Keep counting up till Five)

Shadow puppets:
Last November with the floods and the continuous power outages these were our favorite go to activity.
All we needed was a flash light.

Please click here to make more animals.

Light and Shadow puppet:
Typically these can made as silhouettes as i wanted them to be pretty to look at daylight,I painted them.
These come out immediately when the power goes out,my sons love it when the power goes out.
Most days they don’t want it to come back soon.
We do – make your own story,For younger toddlers you can do songs like Old Mac Donald.