Five Favorite Holiday Season Movies

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year.
When we can teach our children valuable lessons on sharing and caring.
These are few movies that we enjoyed.

1.Frosty the snowman:
An all time favorite with my children.
A fun adventure story of snowman and a little girl as they travel to the North Pole.

Click Here to watch on youtube

2.How the Grinch stole the Christmas

A Classic story on the true spirit of Christmas

Click here to watch Part 1 on youtube

(Ps.All 6 parts are there on youtube)

3.Polar express

An action adventure story of a few children who board the polar express travelling to the North Pole to meet Santa.

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4.Home alone:

A good watch for older children,an adventure of young boy left at home all alone during Christmas.

5.Arthur Christmas:

Follow Arthur the son of Santa as he journeys to deliver the present that was missed.