Homeschooling 101 – Basics – India

What is home schooling?
How is it different from regular schooling?

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To understand homeschooling we need to understand what home means.
Home according the dictionary.


the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

Homeschooling is learning from home,which has an individuals best interest at heart.The heart of a homeschool is the family.

Before beginning homeschooling there are a few questions that are good to be pondered over.
They are listed down in the sections below:

Analysing phase:
1.What is your vision for your child?
What are your aspirations for them?
We need to Keep the end in mind before we begin.
We need to set our long term goal we begin.

2.Know your student:
What is their learning style?

The various learning styles are:
Auditory – Auditory learner learns well by hearing
Visual – Visual learner learns well by visuals and images
Kinesthetic – Kinesthetic learner the High energy active child who learns well through hands on activities.

A learner can be a mix.But predominantly will lean towards one learning style while the others will take a back seat.

3.Know yourself as a teacher:
What is your philoposhy/approach towards education ?

Following are the different approaches to homeschooling:
Learning through Hands on/ sensory based – Montessori or
Learning through literature based – Classical or
Learning through through living books – Charlotte mason or
Learning through through imagination – Wahldorf or
Learning through a child led approach – Unschooling or
Eclectic – which is a mix/combination of different homeschooling approaches.

Take this Home school quiz to find your approach/philosophy towards education

The below questions will help you in preparing for your home school year:

Planning phase:

1.What are your subjects for the year?

2.What are the materials that you need for each subject ?

3.Planning your year,Planning your week,Planning your day,

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As you can see all these are intospective questions.
The answers solely depend on you ,your child ,your family,personal traits,learning style and philosophy.

There are no right answers or wrong answers because that’s the beauty of personalization.

Homeschooling in a nutshell is a customized education for an individual child.