Book Review: Home Education Series:Charlotte Mason – Volume 2 – Parents and Children – Part 2

In Volume 2 in the second part of the book Charlotte Mason Talks about Educational philosophies of the founders of pedagogy and the education system.She then presents to us her view on education and the roles and responsibility of an educator.

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Regarding Education:
She shares her motto:

She likens the mind of a person to living organism which hungers for knowledge and hence a feast (ie,generous curriculum) needs to spread for the child.

The importance on how we learn:With respect to disadvantages of rote learning ,using living books and hands on learning

Charlotte Mason talks about What happens when the mind is not fed with living ideas?
We fail to grow a passion for learning.And we believe School education and college education is the end of education.If we fail to continue the process of learning our intelligence becomes un exercised and we become close minded.Education is a life long process where we feed our mind on good literature and broaden our thought process.

A mind that is not fed with living ideas becomes a Starved mind becomes a saturated mind which becomes small and close minded:

Charlotte Masons education is a Naturalistic approach to education
We come across her second motto on how education is a science of relations.
Only when we can make relations with the world around us, can we see the beauty of everything thats around us.
And only When we can see the beauty in everything around us, can we live a full life.