Book Review: Home Education Series:Charlotte Mason – Volume 3 – School Education – Part 1

Volume 3 deals with teaching children between 9-12 Years

I loved reading Charlotte Mason home education series because it such an encouraging resource for the homeschooling parent.

In Volume 3 Charlotte Mason Talks about:
1.Need for Inactivity on the part of the teacher and encourages parents to trust themselves more
2.The method by which the children are educated – by using living books and things(hands on activities)
3.On how to identify a living book
4.On allowing the living books to lead the child
5.On how an exam is conducted

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Here are few good quotes:
Trusting the Parenting instinct:
She talks on how parents should trust themselves more and how a mother should take care of herself.

She was a wise women because she understood “if momma ain’t happy,ain’t nobody happy”

Inactivity in the part of the teacher/parent:
It is important to practice inactive for 2 reasons:

a)so we dont intrude on the childs personality and originality:

b)We give them a chance for personal initiative and to grow independent