Book Review: Home Education Series:Charlotte Mason – Volume 3 – School Education – Part 3

Volume 3 deals with teaching children between 9-12 Years

In Volume 3 Charlotte Mason Talks about:
1.Need for Inactivity on the part of the teacher and encourages parents to trust themselves more
2.The method by which the children are educated – by using living books and things(hands on activities)
3.On how to identify a living book
4.On allowing the living books to lead the child
5.On how an exam is conducted

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Education is about teaching how to treat other people kindly,compassionately and respectfully

What it means to be an educated person:

She talks about utilitarian education and its hazards – educating for material benefits on narrow ciriculum leads to a materialistic approach towards life .On the other hand A wide circulum nurtures many interests and passions.

Being educated in a generous curriculum nurtures many interests which inturns leads to a Good and passionate worker: