Book Review: Home Education Series:Charlotte Mason – Volume 6 – Towards a Philosophy of Education

Charlotte Mason Volume 6 is her final book.
Here we get a view of all her principles and philosophies.
She explains how each form is taught,what books are used,with examples of work done by children in that particular form.
A form is similar to a grade,however certain forms accommodate a age group.

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When we talk on Charlotte Mason Education the following are the pillars that support it:Providing a Liberal Education,Cultivating a Reading habit,Providing Best Books/High Quality books,Character training and Self Education

On Liberal education:

Charlotte Mason placed high importance on reading and the content of the reading:

On Books:

On Character:

On Self Education

About Criticism

On Education:

On School:

On Ignorance ,Prejudice and Bigotry:
It is important to raise educated children free from Prejudice and Bigotry
The Holocaust – which was based on baseless prejudice which lead to the most attrocious crime of the century.