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I was fascinated to read Plato because I wanted to read western philosophy and hence I got into reading the dialogues which are smaller works of Plato and it was really pleasant to realize it was short ,understandable and  thought provoking. It was interesting to read ancient wisdom and realize how much has been passed on from century to century.

If you are intimidated by Plato, Apology by Plato is a great place to start. Apology deals with Socrates execution for being a public nuisance. Plato expressed many of his ideas using the voice of Socrates.

Apology – deals with the charges against  Plato’s teacher Socrates and his execution.

Meno – deals with virtue

Phaedo – deals on the Soul

Euthyphro – deals on Justice

Symposium – deals on love and desire

Crito – On Justice, Injustice and response