Book Review:GREEK CLASSICS: Iliad by HOMER TRANSLATED BY Alexander Pope

Recommend: High School, Young Adults and Adults

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This is a poetical version of the Iliad .I’ve always wanted to read the Iliad since it is  a well known western epic. I love Pope’s rendering because there is something magical on his usage of the words to express and muster in the reader the feelings the epic tries to convey. A book on valor and courage and a favorite of Alexander the Great that he carried his personal copy everywhere. You can read  more about Alexander in the book Alexander by Jacob Abbot.

It begins with the elopement of  Paris, Prince of Troy taking  Helen  of Sparta who was the wife of  King Menelaus ,which sparks the Trojan war. With Paris being defended by his family King Priam and his brother Hector and King Menelaus aided by his brother Agamemnon and  his friend Achilles.

Don’t be discouraged when you read a lot of characters/names or are unfamiliar names of Greek gods  but patiently plod through and as you finish the book you will find the beauty in it. If you use a kindle you can use the dictionary feature and it gives insight into the names of characters and gods. I loved the Justness of the story and beautiful depiction of emotions in the scenes. A beautiful book unparalleled. My favorite scenes are Achilles  talking to his mother and Achilles treatment of King Priam.

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