Prayer Journal

Thought I’d share my Prayer Journal and how I pray for those interested . I really do believe in the power of prayer 🙂.

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I just took a notebook and covered it with gift wrap paper (when one goes crazy on making it pretty 😉)

So I have 7 tabs for 7 days of the week each day I pray for a tab
Monday – Tab P – is for my husband  (His name begins with P)

Tuesday -Tab B – is for my Boys

Wednesday – Tab M – is for me

Thursday -Tab R- is for Requests from friends and family

Friday- Tab C- is for Country,Church, Continent

Saturday – Tab S- is for  Prayer for friends and family who don’t know god 

Sunday – Tab V – is  prayer for Fellow Christians, New Christians, Fellowship groups in church.

I write a verse and prayer point and pray.
I also use TO DO LIST app for those prayer points I need to every day.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 pray without ceasing,
இடைவிடாமல் ஜெபம்பண்ணுங்கள். 1 தெசலோனிக்கேயர் 5:17

Happy Praying !!!