Book Review:Children’s Literature: Water Babies by Charles Kingsley

Recommended: Middle School and Up

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This is a beautiful book and one I love very much because of its instructional and informative qualities. It covers a lot of hard topics beautifully such as death.

 Good fit for middle schoolers shows how children are there in the world who are not as privileged as us or don’t have the opportunities we have and I think its a good point to instill  be grateful and thankful for our blessings as it deals with child labor  and poverty.

The boy turns into a water baby and swims through the pond into the stream, lake and finally into the sea towards his final destination. This is a  story about this journey and everything that he encounters along the way. Science facts  placed beautifully in a story plot. Not to forget to mention its instructional value for parents in dealing with their children and teaching the children  character lessons along the way. I really loved the names of some of the Characters which speaks volumes Mrs. Doasyouwouldbedoneby .A beautiful book one doesn’t want to miss.

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