Book Review : Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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Recommended : High school,Young Adults, Adults

This is the only book of author Emily bronte which also became a hit.

Wow talk about talent.

Wuthering heights is a tale of love,anger,betrayal and revenge.It talks about how human interaction can change people for better or for worse.Even though story begins with how interactions can change things  for the worst it redeems itself by showing how an inversion would play out.

This is tale told to a new tenant Mr Lockwood by the house keeper Ellen Dean (Nelly) about the strange family of his landlord. About the land lord, his life story ,his love life and the members of the family . The story has an element of mystery to it with a mysterious spirit. It is an interesting book  it stays true to the values and its characters, how every action has consequence.