Book Review: Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte

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Recommended : High school,Young Adults, Adults

Agnes Grey is Anne Bronte’s first novel although i enjoyed it,I loved her second novel  The Tenant of Wildfell Hall better because its complicated and explores a lot of different issues .

The plot explores the life of Agnes Grey the governess ,I love the realism ,the challenges Agnes deals with likeĀ  unruly children and uncooperative parents(overindulgent parents) .

It is not exactly something new ,we see parents not tolerating certain behaviour from their children while they are very quick to  get defensive when its another adult or a teacher .

And then we have her taking up a new post with older girls and her dynamics with them, and her meeting with the love of her life. It isĀ  a beautiful book to learn the struggles as a working woman. I love the thoughts the musings ,the opinions even though Agnes cant be vocal with it.