Book Review: Shirley by Charlotte Bronte

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Recommended : High school, Young Adults, Adults

Although the book is called Shirley we meet Shirley only halfway through the book.

The first half of the book deals with story of Caroline helstone and her family ,friends and her  unrequited attraction .Conversations in the pubs around politics and opinions on neighbors, character sketches of people in her family .

 What I love about Caroline helstone is that she is this  quiet girl who you would have met in your life  who is silent and suffers quietly .I love reading her emotions and thoughts which never find voice . The longings are written well and we find a kind of pity and sadness for her as we see people walking over her sometimes .

Then we meet the vivacious Shirley who knows her own mind ,does what ever she likes and is not shy to voice her opinion . Between the two I love the sacrificial and quiet loyalty of Caroline better than Shirley. There’s always a kind of liking for those who quietly go about life .

The story then moves into discovering new relationships the strain between the mill owners and workers . Riots, conflicts  and Violence are well captured . It is interesting to look into this phase in England’s history .