Book Review: The Professor by Charlotte Bronte

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Recommended : High school, Young Adults, Adults

Charlotte Bronte’s first novel. It is a good book though it would be the last book of hers that I would read and I recommend the same order the videos were made   for those who really want to enjoy the Brontes .Maybe this is  because this was her first book, and also it was written from a male perspective . I strongly feel that  could be a driving force behind the opinion.  I am exceedingly glad that she didn’t stop writing after The Professor or else we wouldn’t have gems like Jane Eyre .

The story is narrated by William Crimsworth  the second son and how he tries to find his place in the society and make a living for himself. It begins with his relationship with his brother then follows his story as he emigrates to Brussels as a professor and then follows his work life the people he meets ,his colleagues and his students and finally the love of his life and the challenges he faces.

Probably not her strongest novel but still i found it fascinating to look into the life of the second son who doesn’t  get an inheritance and a peek into the thoughts and feelings that linger unvoiced .And a peek into the life of the professor.