Book Review: Villette by Charlotte Bronte

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Recommended : Young Adults, Adults

Villette Charlotte Bronte’s last novel .By this time her craft is well honed that it  leaves a deep impression.Definitely my favorite because of the beautiful way it handles emotions with unexpected changes in characters ,the twists and turns in plots until the end ,mysterious figures and the Catholic Anglican divide .

It does have  a lot of french for some of us french ignorants it would put us off but don’t let  that stop you,keep reading through and google if necessary and at the end of the book it will be well worth your time

The story follows the life of Lucy Snowe who is visiting her god mother ,her childhood  ,growing to become a teacher at a school at france, her relationship with her pupils,employer , colleagues and  past connections.

In a way its a story of her overcoming  obstacles and hurdles to growing into a stronger person.And Life and people are not always what they seem and the complexity of human relationships .Realism in  terms of loneliness ,forming ones opinions,hidden emotions and moving on.

I cannot rave about it without ruining it for you.