The Fairy Tale Ending Or Graceful Living

The Story of Cinderella, Rapunzel, etc all End at the Altar after which they wave their audience goodbye.Every girls dream of “THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER”.
But do they fast forward a few years later to show a Cinderella with baby on the hip, spit on the shirt.her living room strewn with toys as though tsunami hit it, or her fishwife talk to her husband.Let me tell you this is a picture of many a households.
When my husband and I married we wanted to wait for a year before we  had a child.Lets say we had too much fun that it had to wait for one more year too.After a miscarriage I had my precious lil boy.
Now don’t get me wrong, thinking that I don’t enjoy my little boy as I paint a run down cinderella.I do ,he’s more a part of me than a separate entity.But there are days,when our house is not how it used to be especially between my husband and me.I tell you two sleep deprived adults,do not a harmonious home make.

I hardly remember any major tiffs between me and hubs before our son.
We have as many tiffs now  to compensate for the years we didn’t.Tiffs I can’t remember,Tiffs which a person would laugh on.Who’s taking out the trash,who’s turn is it in the middle of the night,who’s doing what?
Yesterday we had a tiff and after he left , left me wondering how have we been reduced to this.I was praying and thinking hard on how to improve our marriage.For people who know me, I just can’t stay still, I have to read a book or Google to find a it technical while I worked,or my sons development everything turns into a project.I wanted to turn my marriage into a project. I came across this article which was titled “ASK GOD”,which actually talked on the same lines of thoughts that I was pondering on.As I finished the article,I was left wondering “What was her solution?”

I sent a prayer ,kept myself quiet and calm the whole day.Hubs came home and we had a really relaxed evening,just chatting and enjoying each others company.It felt like I had gone back a year.As I went to bed that night I realised the answer to the article “ASK GOD”.

Yes you don’t need to read a book on marriage,you don’t need to google for every answer.All you really need for graceful living is “ASK GOD”.Im not saying its wrong to be proactive but sometimes you got to step back and be still.Not everything needs to be a project.We just need a little more of GRACE.

Psalm 46:10 (NKJV)
10 Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!


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