Fathers Day Special

Fathers day is right around the corner.Feeling pretty excited and secretive at the moment.We are planning a surprise for my hubby.

Everyday I’m amazed to be hitched with this amazing man Mr.Wise and this feeling grows everyday as I see him do his very best as he steps from role to role.Great Husband,Awesome Dad.

From the day Parenthood stumbled on us,I see more and more of my husbands strengths.

We have the same values but have our own unique parenting style.

Between the two of us,he’s the more Level headed parent.Yes I baby my son a little.(In my defense he’s still a baby ;))

I think with my heart,my husband with reality.

I m very organized for the most part,how I schedule my sons day etc,My husband is synonymous to spontaneity.

Even a nuclear bomb would not be able awake me from my sleep,but my husband is usually alert even if theres a small disturbance in my son’s room.

He’s never cross like mommy,he is always creative in finding a solution.

He’s always the stronger and braver one,yes,mommy does not do well near animals or injections.

Always ready to do even the dreariest chores when it comes to my son.Mr .Wise can do diaper,yay:)

Just this other day my husband ,son and I were walking .My son was running with us but stopped  for a minute,so I turned to get him,right behind him was a big snake.I have never been gripped with fear as I did at that moment.I was so gripped with fear that I froze where I stood.My husband however,was immediate to grab my son.Can’t thank god enough for keeping my little boy safe that day.

This Incident truly shook me and made me realize how much I needed my brave brave cool headed husband.

Everyday I see my husband step up to become the Father god wants him to be.

One Day my little man will grow up.And I want him nothing to be no other than like our SUPERMAN ( his dad) for always being supportive.

To My husband SUPERMAN! Happy Fathers day Darling!

We appreciate your sacrifices,we thank you for your unconditional love.You are one in a million!

Proverbs 20:7(NKJV)
7 The righteous man walks in his integrity;
His children are blessed after him.

Your awestruck wife and your naughty little speedo Dash

This Post is dedicated to My Strong Cool Man(Mr.Wise)

(The Picture used is a copyright of GodlyIndianMom.com)