Beginner Workouts

It is not only food that nourishes our body but also fitness.Till I had my son,fitness was something that I never gave thought too.Our Children truly bring out the best in us.While my son turned 8 months thats when I started taking things seriously.I wanted to write a post on my favorite workout videos so it could inspire you to begin.

When I first began I could not proceed more than 10 minutes.I want to encourage you, dont give up.Its okay to do 10 mins than not do anything at all.I m not an expert only through grace did I finally reach 30 mins.I’m still a work in progress.

I know its very tempting to relax or do chores while our infants and toddlers nap,but 10 mins for our health does make a difference.Moms our house runs on our being well.

I do not like to do the same workout as I easily get bored so I love to have variety

Listing my favorites:

Low Impact:

This was really an easy and inspiring beginner workout .There is a demonstrator for beginners.If you want to start with something simple you can begin here.When I ve had a lag behind in my fitness,I like to start with this one to ease myself back into routine,this way I don’t end up with injury.

Low Impact:

Love Fitness Blender Stuff they are always methodical and easy to follow.This one was really low intensity,if you want to ease your way in slowly,this is great workout.

Medium intensity:

This one is my personal favorite.Its medium intensity,not too easy, not too hard.Satisfaction guaranteed!!

High Intensity:

Jillian Michaels to me is always tough but it does wonders!I love her encouragement as we push through.

Would love to hear your favorites too!Also if you’ve tried any of these and liked them,I would appreciate your feedback.

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