Favorite Educational Books Part 3 – Author Byron Barton

I do not own many of these books.Found these treasures in the library.

Byron Barton Books:

Transportation series:
Loved this series.It contains ‘PLANES’,’TRAINS’,’BOATS’,’CARS’
Our very favorite was the ‘PLANES’ book,which was given to us by one of our friends.
This series contains single line description of the page,clear clipart pictures with vivid colors.
They are a ideal beginner book for babies and toddlers.
For some reason we weren’t very impressed/attracted to the cars book.

Also happens to be another good read.Its ideal for young toddlers that can stay still during bigger books.Yet another simple,rhyming and colorful book.It is a well known story of how the hen calls her friend’s to help with some seeds of grain which later is made into bread and their refusal to be a part of the process ,which leaves them empty handed.

Links To Crafts:

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Tell us your favorite Author and beginner books.

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