Keeping the Flame Ablaze!

I first got introduced the idea of Date Night from a Manager from my previous job.

Before Our son every weekend and night was date night,my husband and I always had time for each other.But add an infant to the equation and all our well laid plans become mayhem.

As moms we have to invest in our marriage.I know we have these cuties that we take care of and always require our attention.But I think its equally important for us to nurture and keep our marriage ablaze.And to make sure our spouse is treated equally with affection :).

Just like any job ,any relationship,it takes a lot of work to have a great marriage.
So Mr.Wise and I decided we had to make sure we had date nights.We didn’t have family living close by so hence we do ,what we can do.
I m not an expert,Our marriage is work in progress.These are some of our time tested ideas, feel free to grab those ideas that you can use in your family:

1.Date Night Dinners:
Our Family ,we are foodies!Nothing speaks romance more than a full stomach :).I have to be honest I’m not that good of a cook,but I do love to try different cuisines.Friday nights are nights for me to show my appreciation for Hubs by cooking.
Whoever wrote this proverb is to be applauded “The Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.
We  put our little one early to bed and catch up with dinner and Candle light in our dining room.
You dont have to be at a fancy restaurant to romance your spouse.
Also no drabby clothes/pajamas on date nights.
We dress like we are about to leave to a fine dining restaurant.

2.Pizza nights:
Then there are nights where we are too lazy to cook.Those are the days we end up on the couch with ordered pizza, a cool drink and a movie .

3.Play a Board Game:
This date night has been etched into my mind.Hubby let me win the game,just because he’s sweet.We still laugh about it every time we reminisce this memory.

4.Massage Oils:
Go Figure  😉

5.Watch a Game together:
I do not watch games .Period.However I thought I should give it a try with the FIFA 2014 world cup.And I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.It was fun Mr.Wise and I had so much to discuss about.

6.Played Candy Crush together:
We had a spell where we played it together,where Hubby put in some moves and me telling him how I played a level.However it was a brief spell .We didn’t want to keep doing it with a little toddler in the middle.

We frequently went for evening walks when little was young(this was before he could walk).Put him in the stroller and take a long walk.It was always a good time to connect.These days the walk is more of a run ;).

Song of Solomon 2:16a
16 My beloved is mine, and I am his.

I hope these ideas help you.And would love to hear your ideas too 🙂
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