BlogShare 19th Sep 2014

How to clean your microwave easily:

Heating water in a bowl for 2-3 minutes creates steam which softens all the particles on the inside of the microwave.Now you can easily wipe off stains without scrubbing on and on.
How to Keep your handbag organized:
This was an awesome tip that I learnt from Becky who runs Organizing made easy. Using transparent cosmetic bags to segregate the items in your handbag.A bag for cosmetics,a bag for checkbooks and bills and a bag for miscellaneous.This also makes it easy to change bags without the worry of missing out things.A de-cluttered and organized handbag is truly a joy.
Encouragement from mom:
I love this post made by Swapna from theMomviews on the best videos of motherhood.I hope this encourages you. Click Here
You are awesome Mom!