Mom Confidence Series

Hey Sweet Moms,

I m beginning a 4 part series called Mom Confidence,this will feature every Friday starting next week.
Tips and tricks of the trade being a stay at home mom.
I write this as my experience with no judgment intended.
And do not claim myself as an expert on this subject,but these are some things I m still working on.
Most importantly I write this for myself to remind me day in and day out.
For my fellow mom who is doing something different than me,Peace.You are precious and amazing mom :).God be with you.
Some things to remember:
1.We are all called for different callings with different levels of grace given to us.
So take what suits for you and your family and leave the rest.
2.Remember every family is unique, some of us day birds while others of us night owls.
We work were we shine best.
So its okay to be different and unique.
In the end its all about glorifying god.
Topics Featured:
1.Mom Confidence: CONTENT IN YOURSELF!
3.Mom Confidence: Where’s my applause!
4.Mom Confidence: This Mom’s Survival Guide to being a SAHM
Would love to hear how you do things differently :).
Stay Blessed!
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