The Bigger Parent – The Battle of the Wills.

My husband and I sometimes lock horns when it comes to my son.

We both think we know what’s best for our little boy.He thinks his  way is best.And I think mine is the best.
I m sure you’ve faced the same in your household.Who is the Bigger Parent situation.
As Moms,we take more pride,we tend to go easily to the defensive.Obviously –
1)we’ve carried these babes for 9 months,
2)we are their mom we know what’s best for them.
3)we spend the most time with our kids
So when my husband and I were going through the motions this mom was blinded,one sided and lets say she didn’t want to hear otherwise.
I pretty much procrastinated the topic, so we could stop discussing it.
But as my husband left for work,in the quietness of the day,I realised he was right in his own way.He loves our little boy,he wanted the best for our little boy in his own way.
Even though my head understood it,my heart just didn’t give way.
Desperate for solution I started praying about it,to show us the right choice for our little one.
God has his own timing!Have you felt that,he doesn’t rush with a solution for our convenience :).
More and more I can see and understand the father God,who knows our timing.
The timing where our hearts are ready to listen.
So come back he did, after a month,after I was ready to listen.
He brought in a situation which turned the whole argument to my husbands favor.
And Voila a decision was reached.
Sometimes we don’t want to lose the argument.
Sometimes we think we know what’s best.
And when the going gets tough it’s time to lift our eyes towards the heavens.
On the days of Chaos,trust God Mom.He will show you the way in which your family has to go.
If you came here looking for an answer I don’t have one!
Parenting is harder than rocket science.
But I can point you towards the author who holds all the answers.
Psalm 145:18 (NKJV)
The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,
To all who call upon Him in truth.

Dear God,Help us to remember that as a couple we are on the same team.Help us to reach amicable understanding.Help us to make wise decisions as a family.In Jesus Name.Amen.

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